Paper bag for biological waste

Biological waste presents 1/3 of all household waste products. By separately collecting biological waste, we significantly reduce the amount of waste being transported to local landfill.

Less biological waste being transported to landfills means much less greenhouse gases. All organizations in waste processing industry are required by law to process the collected biological waste into compost, which can then be returned into nature. This significantly contributes to a clean and healthy environment. Biological waste, mixed with the rest of the trash, presents a serious problem, because it contaminates other materials which could otherwise be recycled.

Company's care for the environment

The only certified paper bag for biological waste made in Slovenia.

Paper bags for biological waste are produced by company Dama d.o.o. Novo mesto. Bags are used for separate disposal of daily household biological-organic waste.

Paper bags for biological waste are cut into dimension of 35 x 22 cm (volume 10L) and can be used in waste bins or containers for biological waste disposal.

Bags are sold in a pack of 10 or in a cardboard packing of 500 pieces.



• Food leftovers
• Fruit and vegetables leftovers
• Egg shells
• Coffee residue
• Tea filter bags
• Gardening waste
• Flowers
Plastic or metal food packing •
Plastic bags •
Oil and fat •
Cigarette butts •
Liquid waste •
Other non-organic waste •


If the composting environment boasts the right conditions (humidity, oxygen level, number and type of micro organisms, temperature and soil), paper bag for biological waste completely degrades itself in just three weeks. This is unmatched by any other bag on the market.

The test was made and certified by the institute for testing OWS Belgium.


The paper used to make biological waste bags

Paper bag for biological waste is made from Advantage EcoComp paper, made by Mondi Dynas AB, Sweden. Paper Advantage EcoComp is made from pure, non-bleached cellulose and contains only primary fibers, which gives the paper its natural strength.

Advantage EcoComp paper was specially developed for organic waste composting bags.

It has great characteristics, it allows waste to dry, is biodegradable, perfect for composting and is made from recyclable material.

• Paper is almost 100% biodegradable
• Eco-toxic: forcing and bio-mass are more than 98%,
  comparing to reference compost.
• Paper is recyclable and environment-friendly.

Paper functions as a GoreTex material. It lets humidity in, but holds in water. If there is air on one side of the paper, water doesn't sip-through. Water vapour is however free to pass through the walls of the paper, which results in dryer waste and minimises the smell. Weight is reduced and so are transport costs.