About us

Our Company was founded in the year 1990, and grew from a small family business to a company that manufactures on 1500m2. Right business decisions lead to development and growth of our Company and therefore we hold majority of Slovenian market share through years and are constantly increasing our cooperation with foreign buyers.

We are supplying bakeries, mills, drugstores and other shops with paper bags and paper packaging from our own manufacture plant and are present in smaller shops as well as in supermarkets. Alongside this, we are the first manufacturer of biodegrading paper bags used for collecting of domestics biological wastes.

We are aware of our responsibility through our employers and business partners and therefore we are constantly increasing the production volume products and always considering the needs of our customers.
We are working according to the Directives ES 2023/2006 and ES 1935/2004 and thus all of our products meet the standards for packaging of goods. Furthermore, the raw materials form our suppliers contain all necessary certificates.